Top 6 Pizzas in Los Angeles

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day! To make your next pizza excursion easier, we've gathered for you six of the best pizzas in Los Angeles: from the Farmer's Market, where the D'Amore family set up shop after introducing the first pizzeria in L.A., all the way over to Arcadia's local favorite.

Mother Dough in Hollywood:
Prosciutto and arugula pizza. Image by Flickr user calamity_hane, used under a Creative Commons License.

Village Pizzeria in Larchmont:
Veggie II Pizza. Image by Flickr user feministjulie, used under a Creative Commons License.

Stella Rossa in Santa Monica:
Stella Rossa- Housemade Organic Italian Sausage, credit Donna Jones.

Zelo in Arcardia:
Wild Mushroom

Mulberry Street in Sherman Oaks:
Penne Pizza. Image by Flickr user Muy Yum, used under a Creative Commons License.

Patsy D'Amore in the Farmer's Market:
Patsy's Special

Tell us where you get your favorite pizza!

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6a would be Tomato Pie on either Melrose (& Fairfax) or in Sliver Lake. The Grandma is a MUST have.



6 is far too short a list for Los Angeles! Here are some additional 'must visit' pizza spots:

Pizzeria Mozza (The Bianca!)
Tomato Pie (Grandma w/caramelized onions)
The Luggage Room (Rocker Man!)
Gjelina (and Gjelina Take Away)
Urbano Pizza Bar
Hollywood Pies (Deep Dish!)
Osteria La Buca

...and so much more!


This list is indeed too short! Thanks for all the great suggestions!


You forgot Pizzanista! downtown. (The "!" is in their name!) By far my favorite slice, not the least of which because you can order there and then go have a drink with your 'za over at Tony's


Hi everyone! if you love cheese, Palermo ristorante Italiano. 1858 north of vermont ave in LA has a great pizza they call it pizza rosa.