Christmas Cookie Recipe: The Sugar-Free Version

It is sad, but true, that some of us are restricted to low-sugar diets. This can be an especial bummer in December, which might as well be renamed Cookienalia. Luckily for us, La Monarca Bakery has devised a pretty classic Christmas cookie recipe that uses agave nectar in place of sugar. Enjoy!

Agave Nectar Cookies
9 cups Cake Flour
2 cups Butter
2 large eggs Egg
6 oz Agave Nectar
1 1/3 cups packed White Raisins
1 ¼ cups Coconut Shavings
1 dash of Salt

Beat the Butter in the mixer until it is softened and slightly creamy (About 1 minute on Low speed and 4 minutes on High speed).

Add the Egg and Agave Nectar to the mixer on Low speed until fully incorporated (About 1 minute).

Add the Flour, Salt, White Raisins and Coconut Shavings to the mixer on Low speed until fully incorporated (About 1 minute).

Bring out the dough onto a cutting board dusted with flour, use rolling pin to flatten it to about ¼" thickness, cut cookies with a 1 ¼" cookie cutter, place them on a previously greased baking sheet and cook for 18 minutes at 340F.

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