The Farmers' Market Margarita

A generic white grapefruitIt's only in season for one, maybe two more weeks, but if you can get your hands on it, here's a drink worth trying: a margarita made from the juice of a sarawak grapefruit.

This white grapefruit, which is pomelo-like, is sometimes called a Tahitian, but also carries the nickname "margarita grapefruit." That's because it lacks the fruit's usual bitterness and is reminiscent of the virgin version of the classic drink.

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The farmers from Etheridge Organics of Dinuba, a small town in Tulare County, recommend using the juice from these grapefruits instead of the store-bought juice that's often recommended in recipes across the internet.

Etheridge Organics has booths at five markets in the greater Southern California region:

  • Saturday: Bakersfield
  • Sunday: Pacific Palisades
  • Sunday: Studio City
  • Thursday: South Pasadena
  • Friday: Mojave

If these markets are not your usual rounds, check with other citrus sellers for the sarawak grapefruit.

The photo used on this post is by chiodachic. It is used under a Creative Commons License.

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