11 Delicious Marshmallow Pictures

How do you like your marshmallows? Today, on National Toasted Marshmallow Day, we bring you an assortment of pictures depicting all the ways to eat this gooey snack. Whether you like them slightly toasted, completely on fire, or sandwiched between other treats (or if you prefer marshmallow art), here are the 11 best toasted marshmallow pics found on Flickr!

Image by Flickr user SliceOfChic, used under a Creative Commons License.

Image by Flickr user Terriko, used under a Creative Commons License.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Banana Split Day!

In honor of National Banana Split Day we bring you the best-looking banana splits around! (On Flickr, that is.) Nothing says summer more than this cherry-topped, ice cream dream boat. Whether it's a traditional split, astronaut style or a deconstructed dish with banana bread, these pictures will have you craving the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry combo.

Image by Flickr user naevus, used under a Creative Commons License.

Summer Cool Down: Ann Kirk's Buttermilk Panna Cotta

Photo Courtesy Little Dom's

There are many reasons to love West Hollywood's Dominick's and Little Dom's in Los Feliz: chef Brandon Boudet's homey, often seasonal American and Italian menus; straightforward, hand-crafted cocktails; those Sunday and Monday $15 dinners (with $12 bottles of house wine); and the effortless come-as-you-are vibe that draws a great crowd night after night.

Of course, anyone would be remiss not to order dessert at either restaurant. The comforting cakes, gelato and fruit tarts from pastry chef Ann Kirk are reason enough to go.

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One lucky, food-loving KCET Food reader will receive a pair of tickets to The Taste's "Secrets from the Kitchen & Cellar," held September 3rd in Beverly Hills.

The Taste is a four-day festival of food and wine presented by the Los Angeles Times and Food & Wine magazine. Events held around town will include panel discussions, food truck lots, cooking demonstrations and wine tastings. [The contest is now closed.]

Olive Oil Makes Everything Better, Including This Tart From Fig + Olive

Fig + Olive's Fig and Tamto TartI heard somewhere that August was National Olive Oil month, but I'm not exactly sure that's true. It did, however, get me thinking about Fig + Olive, the super fashionable new restaurant in West Hollywood.

The place is mammoth by restaurant standards, with olive trees in the main dining room, an olive oil tasting bar in the front, and a large patio. But one look around, and you'll realize it's all about the olive oil here.

Summer Grilling: Go With Suzanne Goin's Pork Burgers

The Tavern Pork Burger/Photo by Rob Stark Photography

It's no secret that Suzanne Goin knows her way around a summer menu. At Lucques, dishes change with each season--each week--depending on what she and her chefs find at the farmers' markets. There might be soft shell crabs with sweet corn, or ricotta dumplings with summer squash, among other things. She and business partner Caroline Styne love summer so much, they even throw a barbecue at the restaurant, which sells out every year.

In the Larder at Tavern, Goin offers new dishes to take home for a picnic or barbecue--buttermilk fried chicken; corn salad with avocado and lime; watermelon salad with feta; faro tabbouleh with summer vegetables. Not to mention the great sandwiches already on the menu (I'm a sucker for the tuna with black olives and egg).

So it's no surprise that when it comes to the quintessential summer dish--burgers on the grill--Goin's first inclination is to go classic.

Don't Be a Fool: Make Mezze's Heirloom Bean Foul

Photo Courtesy Mezze Restaurant

While you can get a bowl of tabouli and great shawarma at West Hollywood's new Mezze, chef Micah Wexler is quick to point out that his isn't a Middle Eastern restaurant.

"We're a California restaurant first and foremost," he says. "Ninety-five percent of the ingredients on the menu are grown here. But then we infuse these great ingredients with other unique flavors and spices. It's our modern interpretation of these traditional dishes."

At Home with Author Anna Thomas, and a Summer Salad Recipe

Vegan Tabbouleh | Photo: Cindy Pitou Burton

As a film student at UCLA in 1972, Anna Thomas began memorializing recipes from cooking on a student's budget that wouldn't stretch to cover expensive cuts of meat. After amassing hundreds of meat-free recipes, she submitted the contents to a publisher with hopes of the work making it to a bound volume. Not only was the book published, The Vegetarian Epicure is considered a seminal vegetarian cookbook, has sold millions of copies and is still in print.

"I was a student, and I had parents writing to thank me for giving them a book to cook from as their kids were coming home from college vegetarians." Thomas is mostly vegetarian and eats eggs and dairy, and is now "that parent," expanding her cooking skills to accommodate her youngest son, Teddy, 26, a vegan.

At Home With Kajon Cermak: Her Staycation Recipe for 'Carmageddon'

Image courtesy KCRW

Kajon Cermak, KCRW's beloved traffic reporter, started her career with a coin toss deciding between New York or Los Angeles to pursue acting. With a husband and child in tow, they headed west and settled in. After two more children and a disheartening experience in an audition room with child actors (and their stage mothers), she left the profession.

Summer Grilling: Make Frank Ostini's Grilled Artichokes

Photo Courtesy Hitching Post II

If you've driven through Santa Barbara wine country, or at least saw the movie Sideways, there's a good chance you've heard of Hitching Post II in Buellton. The restaurant, owned by chef Frank Ostini since 1986 (the original opened in Casmalia in 1952), is a must-stop for grilled specialties, from Angus steaks to ostrich, quail and vegetables, and great wine.

When you walk into the dining room, you'll see flames jumping from the giant grill in the kitchen. The place is hopping just about any day of the week, and it's certainly not just for tourists. Plenty of locals line the bar, chatting and catching up with their neighbors over a great steak. It's wine country-casual dining at its best: friendly, unfussy and familial.