Devils Postpile Closes for Winter Season

The namesake icon of Devils Postpile National Monument | Photo vis NPS/Facebook

One of California's smallest, yet beautiful national park units has closed its doors, ending its centennial season. Each year, depending on the snowfall, Devils Postpile National Monument shuts down in late October -- Halloween day at the latest. The park reopens in the spring or early summer as the snow melts and roads are safe to drive again.

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Snow before the opening of the 2011 season | Photo via NPS/FacebookBut all this doesn't mean one should forget about the park until warmer temperatures surface. Starting this week, fans of the park can monitor Soda Springs Meadow via a new webcam. And park rangers run programs in the local town of Mammoth Lakes during the colder months, such as an upcoming astronomy party on November 15th.

Rangers are active on Facebook and Twitter, so that may be the best place to keep track of ongoings.

If you've never been to the monument, watch this brief video introduction KCET made this summer.

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