Full Trail Around Lake Hollywood Reservoir to Reopen

The Lake Hollywood Reservoir was built in 1925. | Photo: Eric Chan/Flickr/Creative Commons License

[Update #2: The path has been opened. Here's our newest story with more details and photos.]

[Update: Because many readers have asked about dogs, we checked to see if they were allowed on the path. Here's the answer from LADWP: "Unfortunately, the perimeter road path is not going to be open to dogs. We do hope that walkers and joggers will enjoy the restored area."]

When the winter storms of 2005 pounded Southern California with rain, causing mudslides throughout the region, the hills around Lake Hollywood Reservoir were not spared. The popular perimeter path closed, only to partially reopen in 2009. Now, this Thursday, the remaining closure area on the westside will see the light of day after $9.5 million in repairs. Yes, the full 3.2-mile, relatively flat loop will finally be open again to walkers, joggers, and cyclists.

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Tom LaBonge, Los Angeles' very own hiking City Council member, announced it today in a press release, and he, of course, will be on hand for the reopening ceremony and group walk with the L.A. Department of Water and Power, which owns the land, on Thursday morning at 8:30 (the public is invited to attend). "The story of Los Angeles is the story of water. Lake Hollywood Reservoir, which is nearly 90 years old, is a local landmark," he said. "I am excited to re-open this amenity, which will encourage outdoor fitness and public health."

Getting there: Your best bet for parking is on Lake Hollywood Drive off Barham Boulevard after the Wonder View Drive split (map)

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3.2 miles of HIKING trails for $9.2 MILLION dollars? No wonder L.A. has such high taxes. What is this Hiking trail made out of??? It was a mudslide. You get a shovel to dig out the mud, level off the trail and start walking. Get volunteers. I just can't imagine how a city that is so BROKE can in good conscience spend that kind of money on something like this. LOL