Fall Color Still Going Strong in Los Angeles

Last Wednesday at sunset in the Highland Park/Eagle Rock area | Photo: Yosuke Kitazawa/KCET

Veronique de Turenne said it best a few days ago: "I'm baffled when I hear people talk about the lack of seasons in LA. What they're really saying is they're just not paying attention." Posted to her Here in (the) Malibu blog on LA Observed, the sentence is interdispersed between lovely seaside fall photos that can be seen here.

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KCET's Departures Site Editor Yosuke Kitazawa was in the Highland Park/Eagle Rock area last Wednesday when he took the above and below photos. He told me it felt like there was more color this year than previous ones. I explained, via the wisdom of California Fall Color blogger John Poimiroo, that when the fall season in Southern California lacks strong winds (ahem, Santa Anas), the leaves stay on trees coloring the city and region.

Last Wednesday at sunset in the Highland Park/Eagle Rock area | Photo: Yosuke Kitazawa/KCET

I interviewed Poimiroo in October (Read: The 7 Best Spots for Fall Color in California) and he said urban areas offer color, not because of native trees, but due to imported ones like Chinese pistache. Last week he said "Southern California has more color to show through December."

Who is to complain? This morning I was happy to see a display of color walking outside the Metro Universal City subway station in the San Fernando Valley. It's the little things that count.

Lankershim Boulevard at the 101 Freeway | Photo by Zach Behrens/KCET

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