Photos: 'Supermoon' Rises over California

The so-called supermoon as it rose over Los Angeles, as seen from Mulholland Drive | Photo: Zach Behrens/KCET

The "supermoon" rose over California tonight, and by all appearances, it looked like it was clear viewing for most of the state. Whether people were prepared for the sight or not, smartphones were out in force snapping away at the night sky. Using Storify, here are some shots from around the state:

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Photos: 'Super-Sized' Moon Seen Over California

Storified by KCET-TV & · Sun, May 06 2012 00:51:54

Photographers try to capture the moo rising over downtown Los Angeles. 
#supermoon #supermoon2012 #supermoonhunt wandering #dtla somehow i end up w/a @ Los Angeles Center Studiosɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
A nice shot over the Oakland Hills. 
we watched the #Supermoon as it came up over the Oakland Hills in California ...spectacular! Apple Jen
And across the bay to San Francisco...
So many come to photograph the moonrise, yay now glittering, over San Francisco Bay. #Perigee aka #Supermoon. Vlahides
Down the coast to Santa Barbara where concertgoers watching Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros got quite a view. 
Super moon. Super sharpe @ Santa Barbara Bowl
#supermoon @edwardsharpe @sbbowl #santabarbara #cincodemayo #2012 @ Santa Barbara Bowl g
Posing with the moon in San Diego County. 
Super moon shadow @ Iron Mountain Summit Boyer
A nice shot from the Owens Valley in Inyo County. 
Full moon rising in Lone Pine, CA about an hour ago. Even the biker guys stopped to look. Wynn
Pacific Grove

Super moon!!!! @ Pacific Grove Marine Gardens Park
Coachella Valley

#SuperMoon rises over Cathedral City about 7:40 tonight: Indrelunas
Lake Tahoe

SUPER MOON!! @ Hacienda Del Lago McCashin Batty
San Diego
My view of the #supermoon in San Diego :-) Potter
Back to Los Angeles
Full moon coming up over downtown Los Angeles! So beautiful; pic doesn't do it justice... Leathers
Watching the super moon rise from the top of Griffith Park! - Cage9 Tour Mgr
It doesn't really look all that big. #ThatsWhatSheSaid. Super moon - Griffith Park LA Shah

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