No Carpets of Orange, but Poppies Peak at State Reserve

Clusters of California poppies, the state flower, seen on April 25th | Photo Courtesy of California State Parks

Today park rangers announced that the state flower has peaked at California's most poppy-ulated area, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. But don't get too excited yet, they warned:

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We definitely don't have orange carpets of flowers, but the warm weather this week brought out more blossoms than we've had the whole season so far. How long it lasts depends on the weather- a heat wave will wilt them quickly, but if the current weather lasts, it could be nice for about the next 3 weeks.

They do note that the owl's clover displays have been better than most year.

Beyond the reserve, there are still plenty of great spots in the desert for wildflower viewing; however, since wildflowers are hard to predict, make sure to keep up with the Theodore Payne Foundation's weekly wildflower hotline for the most accurate updates.

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Owl's Clover found along North Poppy Loop Trail | Photo Courtesy of California State Parks

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