No More Waiting in the Heat: Scotty's Castle Now Taking Reservations

Visitors to Death Valley National Park can spare some sweat if they are planning to take an indoor tour of Scotty's Castle, a Spanish Colonial-style historic house built in the 1920s. Instead of braving the occasional two hour wait on busy days, tourists can reserve spots online or by phone.

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"It is rare that all tours will sell out in a day, but the less frequently given Underground Tours and Lower Vine Hiking Tours regularly sell out," park officials said in a news release this week. Because those two tours are seasonal, check dates before you go. House tours are given every day of the year.

Reservations can be made until one day before the tour date by calling
1-877-444-6777 or using Otherwise, tickets can only be purchased in person on the day of the tour at Scotty's Castle. Prices will remain the same, whether booked in advance or in person.

The Great Hall inside Scotty's Castle | Photo by Bob Greenburg, Courtesy of the National Park Service

The photo used on this post is by Flickr user andrew mace--. It was used under a Creative Commons License.

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