Today's Sunset Junction Drama, Played Out on Twitter

Just days before its 31st annual event, the Sunset Junction Music Festival was canceled after a dispute with the city of Los Angeles over permit fees.

Using Storify, a social media storytelling tool, we look at what was said after the Board of Public Work's voted to deny the event its permit:

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Yes Michael M. is sketchy as hell, and a long-time known councilman ingratiator. But the resident's love-hate relationship with Street Scene-Sunset Jnx, whose origins where meant to bridge the gay/latino cultural divide on the east-side, can't be summed up in 140 characters. Sadly, the best comment on the whole affair didn't make it to twitter.


Good point, Planchette, that context never made any tweets that I saw. I've always tried to explain that context in my earlier posts. The boilerplate:

Sunset Junction began in 1980 as a way to ease tension between gangs and the gay community in Silver Lake. Run by a nonprofit, the once-free neighborhood event has turned into a commercial-like affair, garnering major headliners and a $25 door entrance fee each day (cheaper prices if bought earlier online), all which has worn down community relations. Head organizer Michael McKinley testified on Monday that the event supports community beautification and programs like a soccer league that benefit at-risk youth. The event and its 11 months of planning is a jobs training program in itself, he explained.

Have you seen the documentary about the nonprofit side of Sunset Junction?