Who's Funding Who? Our New Databases Let You Explore L.A. Political Money

L.A. City Hall. | Photo: Michael Smith/Flickr/Creative Commons License

Most all contributions to a political candidate or ballot initiative in California are supposed to be made public -- and, for the most part, they are. But that doesn't mean a citizen can easily access or understand such public documents.

For example, visit the State of California's Cal-Access website to see early fundraising for Governor Jerry Brown's 2014 gubernatorial campaign and you'll be prompted with eight sets of data. If you just wanted to see who donated to the campaign, finding it -- and making sense of it -- without a tutorial may not be an easy task. That's why in the 2012 election, to great success, Ballot Brief created funding databases for each side of the 11 propositions on the November ballot. Take the funding of Prop 37: In a manner of seconds, a visitor can easily start drilling down to see who was funding the yes and no campaigns.

With the 2013 Los Angeles elections, we wanted to expand upon the toolset we could bring to the public. Today, we present the first iteration of funding for candidates in the races that make up the March 5 and May 21 ballots.

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