Measure F: Riverside Absentee Voters Oppose Creation Of Environmental Panel

A bird sits in a tree in Sycamore Canyon Park in Riverside | gtrwndr87/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Riverside election results posted just after the polls closed Tuesday showed absentee voters opting against the creation of an environmental panel. Voters were asked if they supported the creation of a new commission that sought to advise the mayor and City Council on environmental issues.

According to The Press-Enterprise, a local Riverside publication, the commission aimed to be a kind of "think tank that would bring together the many Riverside organizations and businesses with an interest in environmental issues."

Here's more:

As an advisory panel, the commission would not have the power to make regulations, charge new fees or supersede decisions of the City Council or other city boards... The council would set the sustainability commission's duties through an ordinance. Officials expect that current employees would work with the panel, and no new costs would be added to the budget.
There was no argument submitted against creating the commission. However, the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce opposed Measure F because they felt it didn't belong in the charter, according to the report from The Press-Enterprise.

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