Three Strikes Revision, Food Labeling Join November Ballot Measures

Demonstrators outside a Safeway supermarket in Washington in 2000 demanded genetically engineered ingredients be taken off American grocery store shelves until they are fully tested and labeled. (Photo: Alex Wong/Newsmakers)Two new voter initiatives qualified for the November ballot on Monday.

The first would modify California's three strikes law to eliminate life sentencing when the third felony is not a serious or violent crime. The measure was co-authored by Stanford law professor David Mills, who has so far put up more than $800,000 for the campaign. Billionaire George Soros made a $500,000 donation earlier this year.

The second initiative would require labeling on genetically engineered foods. Its major supporters include Dr. Joseph Mercola, a doctor and bestselling author who has so far contributed more than $500,000, and Nature's Path, a company that makes organic breakfast cereals.

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The two initiatives bring the total ballot measures for November to eight. The others are:

  • a measure to repeal the death penalty
  • a measure to increase penalties for human trafficking
  • a voter referendum to repeal the State Senate District maps
  • an auto insurance measure
  • a political contributions measure
  • a water bond measure, which was placed on the ballot by the Legislature

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