Follow the Money in the June 2012 Primary: Props 28 and 29

Voters will decide on two ballot measures in the June 5 primary, with tens of millions of dollars pouring into the campaigns for and against.
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The first measure, Prop 28, would revise term limits to reduce the overall time a politician can serve in both houses of the state legislature.

The second, Prop 29, would impose a new tax on cigarettes and earmark future revenues for cancer research.

So far, no committees have been formed to oppose Prop 28, which is backed by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, and enjoys the support of many labor unions. Most of the big money is being thrown down on Prop 29, with the American Cancer Society lining up like David against the Goliath of Big Tobacco.

The following charts show where the money's going and who's forking it over. We'll be updating these numbers right up until the primary on June 5. Also, a few notes follow the charts to explain how we combined some of the totals to make it easier to see how much the contributors were giving.

Total Contributions For and Against Props 28 and 29 in June 5, 2012 Primary

Source: California Secretary of State. Last updated 5/3/12

Prop 28: Contributors For and Against

Source: California Secretary of State. Last updated 5/3/12

Prop 29: Contributors For and Against

Source: California Secretary of State. Last updated 5/3/12

1. "American Cancer Society" includes several different branches or subsidiaries, including the Cancer Action Network, CAN's ballot measure committee, and the California Division of ACS.

2. California Building Industry Association combines an issues PAC and the association itself.

3. California Correctional Peace Officers Association combines the association, its issues committee, and the CCPOA Truth in American Government (TAG) Fund.

4. L.A. County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, includes the organization itself, its "member communications account," its issues and initiatives section, and entries for "Los Angeles County Federation of Labor" that excluded the added "AFL-CIO."

5. L.A. County Firefighters Local 1014 combines entries for that union chapter's "Education Project" and similar entries with the addendum "Firefighters."

6. All contributions from company affiliates of Philip Morris USA, Inc. were combined into one entry.

7. Same with RJ Reynolds.

8. United Nurses Associations of CA's PAC was folded under its main entry.

9. Yes, it's safe to assume that Earvin Johnson Jr. refers to "Magic" Johnson under Prop 28.

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