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Who's Funding Prop 30, Jerry Brown's Temporary Tax for Education and Guaranteed Public Safety Funding?

Proposition 30 would increase personal income taxes for seven years on those who earn over $250,000 in annual earnings a year and would increase the sales and use tax by a quarter-cent for four years to 7.5 percent statewide. Take note, however, that cities often have additional sales and use taxes on top of the state one. For example, Los Angeles' rate is currently 8.75 percent and would be bumped up to 9.0 percent.

All revenues from the tax would go to education, mostly K-12. Prop 30 also constitutionally guarantees funding for public safety services that the state used to cover (some jailing, court security, child abuse prevention, and more) but recently passed on to local governments.

Read our Prop 30 Cheat Sheet for more information.


Credit: Database developed by Brian Frank. Additional reporting by Daniel Medina.

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Proposition Thirsty (30)
Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who said, government of the people, for the people and by the people? Doesn't it seem there should be a correlation between the size of the population and the amount of government spending? Well not in California. California has an unquenchable thirst for spending… and Governor Brown wants more.
During the past 12 years, combinations of three California Governors have presided over government spending that bears no resemblance to the actual state population and its growth. California population during the past dozen years has grown from 33.9 million residents to 37.7 million, an increase of 11.2%. During this same time period, California government spending grew from $67.2 billion annually to its peak of $103 billion, a whopping percentage increase of 54%. After the past few years modest cuts, bearing no correlation to the dramatic state revenue downturn, we are still riding a 38% increase over the beginning of the 1999-2000 budget. All up, in relationship to population growth, California has overspent by $200 billion dollars in the past 12 years. Wouldn't we like to have those funds now?
Governor Brown's Proposition Thirsty (30) aims to restore over half of the modest spending cuts made during the past 4 years recession, not because there are now more people… or more business… but because the unquenchable thirst of its government leaders cannot be restrained. Instead, with a proposed tax increase on the backs of the very same population that grew nowhere near the proportion of spending, Governor Brown has decided to demonize those that oppose his increase, threatening "draconian cuts" to education. Oh, the children!
Doing the same population analysis for California education reveals education spending, during past 12 years, grew from $35.5 billion annually (over half of the state budget) to a peak spending of $53.3 billion annually, an increase of 50%! During a time when technological advances (computers, the internet, wireless data transmission, video learning, and home study) should have been reducing education costs, the state of California found a way to ignore these advances and carelessly spend an additional $78.6 billion dollars over what population growth called for. Wouldn’t schools like to have those funds now?
We have no choice but to deny Proposition Thirsty (30) and starve the government beast if we are to ever gain control of our overspending ways. Demand that spend-happy government leaders reinvent government, education and pensions. Vote no on Proposition 30. Will it pass? My bet? Bankruptcy here we come!


hi nice post


What an amazing repository! How did you get all of this info? I wish there was more transparency like this.


I have been following this campaign and the school that I work at is hosting a debate/assembly for Prop 30. We had confirmed a speaker from both the No and the Yes campaign and the assembly is Monday October 15th. A few days ago the No campaign bailed on us and I have been frantically trying to find a speaker from the NO campaign contacting everyone from the Jarvis Group to the Republican Local Parties to Toastmasters to StopProp30 and no one can provide us with a speaker and the Yes campaign is ready to come. This is sad that they feel so strongly about their campaign but are not willing to educate high schoolers and their families about this important proposition. My school is following this assembly up with a two and a half week campaign with half my students working on the no side and half on the yes side. On election day we are conducting a school wide vote on this proposition. The entire school wide project is being presented in a non biased fashion but unfortunately we are having trouble getting someone to represent the No side. We don't want to use someone from the school (adminstrator or teacher) we want to use someone who works for the Proposition 30 No campaign. If anyone knows anyone who can step in for us that would be great. The least bias we can bring this project and the more education we can provide our students the more beneficial this deep look into the voting process we can take. Please help!!! thank you.