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Last Updated Nov. 2, 2012

Who's Funding Prop 35, the Human Trafficking Initiative?

Proposition 35 for those found guilty of human trafficking would face increased prison sentences and fines, with the money collected going toward services for victims and law enforcement. Traffickers would also have to register as a sex offender.

The prop would also strengthen registration requirements (such as disclosing online identities) for all sex offenders, protect use of victims' past sexual conduct as evidence in court, and require human trafficking training for police officers.

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No contributions to committees against Prop 35 have been reported.
For the Record: On October 25, it was brought to the attention of Ballot Brief that some donations were inadvertently duplicated in the database. The error has been corrected. Credit: Database developed by Brian Frank. Additional reporting by Daniel Medina.

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There are many opponents to Prop 35. The Erotic Service Providers Union opposes Prop 35 for many reasons. One reason is that an erotic service provider, who is of age and wants to engage in the work, could be prosecuted as a sex trafficker and sex offender. In addition, any person who receives money from her could be prosecuted as a sex trafficker. Here is their website: