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Last Updated Nov. 2, 2012

Who's Funding Prop 38, Molly Munger's Tax for Education?

Proposition 38 would increase the personal income tax rate for those earning over $7,316. Rates will slide depending on an individual earner's pay: 0.4 percent on the low end to 2.2 percent on the high end (over $2.5 million). Revenues will be split between K-12 schools (60%), repaying state debt (30%), and early childhood programs (10%) for four years, then for the next 8 years, it will only fund schools (85%) and programs (15%). After that, the tax ends.

Read our Prop 38 Cheat Sheet for more detailed information.


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I say we add solar panels, right before summer to every government buildings and schools that are in a safe location , so that california can generate clean solar energy and revenues.
Do the math we can't loose it takes money to mAke money! Obama what happened to the solar dream?


Kids are our future Jesus commanded us to love our nabhor , also he said in doing so we will have fulfilled his commandments!
Our kids note how I say our kids USA ) California kids I really mean the world! But we have to start somewhere, also if we want to stop building prisons , we need to start building schools R,O,P recreational opportunity programs ,for every city especially for high risk youth, because I believe no kid as a child mindfully strays Down the wrong road, I believe it's our fault if we as a community allowed kids to be miss guided down a wrong path. What I mean is we need to start taking preventive action to reform the way our new generation think and the way our newer generation will think. By developing R,O,P state wide we have all to gain and nothing els to loose.