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Last Updated Nov. 2, 2012

Who's Funding Prop 40, the Senate Redistricting Referendum?

Proposition 40 would undo some of the work done by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, which is charged with redrawing the lines for legislative, Board of Equalization, and congressional districts. It was created when voters approved Proposition 11 in 2008. Prop 40 only challenges the state senate lines drawn by the commission.

For all the details, read the Prop 40 Cheat Sheet.


No contributions to committees opposing Prop 40 have been reported.
For the Record: Charles T. Munger, Jr. was originally listed as an opponent to Prop 40, but the paperwork filed with the Secretary of State was later amended to reflect a "support" position.
Credit: Database developed by Brian Frank. Additional reporting by Daniel Medina.

Top Photo: California Citizens Redistricting Commission


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Looks like you have the Support and Oppose backwards. The Republican Party wanted this issue on the ballot, but they were arguing for a No vote to reject the Redistricting Commission's lines. They should be on the Oppose side of the issue.