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Last Updated Nov. 1, 2012

Who's Funding Prop 32, Prohibiting Contributions Through Payroll Deductions?

Proposition 32 will put restrictions on unions' ability to raise funds for political purposes, specifically via payroll deductions. It will also restrict unions, as well as corporations, from making contributions to candidates or candidate-controlled committees, even if indirectly via a different kind of committee. Additionally, government contractors will not be able to donate to an elected official who might award or has already awarded a contract to them. All that said, some voluntary employee contributions will be allowed.

Read the Prop 32 Cheat Sheet for more details.


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May make costs for food raise"...WTF?! Let me get this straight....This is simply telling us if the food has been modified.

Monsanto, a major contributor to opposition paying over 4 MILLION to oppose it! They have patented GMO seeds that grow much of our food. Big deal you say? Well to start, they have insect poison built into the seed dna! This company is the same that makes Round up....tasty! This 'modification" has been linked to cancer in us, and a whole host of other health issues. The the bugs build a resistance fairly fast, good for them. If the seeds are blown over to another crop and cross contaminate that crop, they sue the farmer for using their "PATENTED" seeds! This could also cause issues with "trying" to go to the natural seeds after. Hmmmm....Patent-doesn't that drive prices up?

Farmers must use their fertilizer, very costly. this is just one section, look at what they do to the meat. 1. It's NOT cheaper 2. We deserve to know 3. LOOK UP Monsanto, don't go to their site look at the others...BEFORE you decide, you will be shocked.

Don't be an uniformed voter on this...with them behind the curtain, and pumping billions into our politicians pockets...this is a battle about your food supply, and public knowledge. Monsanto and our politicians (most at least) would rather you don't know. Take 15 minutes out of your life and look up Monsanto in various sites.


I think you're confusing prop 30 with prop 32. Prop 30 is the one about food regulations and labeling food where as Prop 32 is the Citizens United of California


Hey Guys, Take another look--Prop 37 is about Labeling GMO Food. 30 is Governor's Income Tax Hike, and, and 32 is, as you said, Unions prohibited from automatically deducting money from your payroll to spend on political campaigns. 11 Props--it's a lot to keep straight.


Good lord, we are doomed!


There should be mandatory payroll deductions to support the genetic modification of those wishing to spend money we don't have.