Today is the Last Day to Register to Vote (And You Can Do So Online)

A registration drive in San Francisco today. | Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Tick tock. If you haven't already registered to vote, today is your last chance if you want to take part in the November 6 election. And if you're reading this post here online, then here's some good news: It doesn't need to be the paper-and-mail process of the past. Thanks to a new law, registering can also be done online, but it needs to be submitted by midnight. And if online isn't your thing, not to worry: Applications just have to be postmarked today.

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More than 17 million Californians are currently registered to vote, according to September numbers from the Secretary of State (final data will be published in November).

Coming in 2014: The ability to register to vote on the same day of an election.

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