Are you ready? The 405 Freeway will be closed the weekend of July 15th. The closure has unoffiically been dubbed "carmageddon." To help prepare you, we've put together this video and below information.

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When the Wheels Slow

Go or stop.

Momentum - that's the meaning of this city. Forward movement is what defines the Angeleño experience. We're not who we wish to be unless we're in control of some vehicle - skateboard or Maserati - and the thing with wheels is in motion. (Watch the bicyclist making slow figure-eights while waiting at a red light. He doesn't want to lose momentum, doesn't want to be stopped.)

This is a city where wheels must turn. And when wheels begin to turn more slowly, when momentum is lost, Angeleños begin to experience an existential dead. What are we, if we're not drivers? If the wheels cease turning altogether, and momentum drains away, it's an intimation of our own mortality.

Video: An Intro to Carmageddon

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