There Was More Wrong With This Gizmodo Story Than its Headline

Gizmodo's original headline (left) and the new one (right).

After a lot of public criticism, Gizmodo has changed the headline on a story by Andrew Liszewski from Wednesday. The criticism wasn't surprising. The old headline gave the impression Gizmodo thought perpetual motion machines were possible: "Strap this wind turbine to your electric car and you can drive forever."

The claim, repeated in a corresponding Tweet, provoked a cascade of eyerolling comments on the site and at least one link to a video containing a statement by a noted fictional expert in the physical sciences. It's understandable that Gizmodo changed the piece's head to "Strap This Wind Turbine To Your Electric Car To Stay Juiced in Park," claiming the original headline was intended tongue-in-cheek.

ReWire will take Gizmodo at its word on that. But there are still some problems with the claims that remain in the piece. Attaching a wind turbine to your vehicle and expecting to gain any energy at all, other than when it's parked facing the wind, still violates the laws of physics.

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