Sorting Fact From Fiction on Chinese Solar In Nevada

Grazing the Mojave | Photo: Julie Jordan Scott/Flickr/Creative Commons License

I couldn't have been more wrong last week in assessing the conflict over Cliven Bundy's illegally grazed public lands cattle has having "fizzled." Over the weekend a small throng of armed members of far-right groups showed up to lend Bundy support, eventually prompting the Bureau of Land Management to back down and release the cattle they'd rounded up so far.

It's a debacle for the BLM, and the ramifications of the weekend's about-face are likely to unfold for months. But even more disheartening is the speed with which blatant, easily debunked untruths about the issue spread throughout social media.

The weirdest of the allegations involve a proposal that's been dead for some months in a spot almost 200 miles away from Bundy's ranch, a project ReWire last covered in a story from almost a year ago. The fact that the project's in the wrong place and time hasn't kept the rumor-mongers from spinning tall tales about it, so it's time to put on our debunking hat.

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