L.A. Experiencing its Wettest July in Over 20 Years

After months of drought, Los Angeles is now experiencing what the National Weather Service calls the fourth-wettest July since records began being kept in 1877.

But it didn't take much rain to reach that high watermark, as the official downtown station at USC received .09 inches of rain between July 1 and today, which ties a July record 95 years ago.

Nearly half of that massive rainfall -- .04 inches -- fell today.

The all-time wettest July was in 1886, when .24 inches of rain was recorded. July 1986 saw .18 inches, and, 22 years ago, there was .13 inches in July 1991.

A similar "fourth wettest July" record was set at Long Beach Airport, which was inundated with .07 inches so far this month.

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