Last-Minute Taxes? Some L.A. Area Post Offices Will Extend Hours Tonight

Note to procrastinators: Today is the deadline to file your taxes, so a handful of local post offices will be staying open late to ensure you can get them in the mail.

Three postal centers will be staying open until midnight to collect mail:

  • in Los Angeles, at 7001 S. Central Ave.;
  • in Santa Ana, at 3101 W. Sunflower Ave; and
  • in Santa Clarita, at 28201 Franklin Parkway.

Last-minute mailers should note, however, that the Los Angeles location will only have retail service available until 10 p.m. Retail sales will stop at the Santa Ana location at 7 p.m., and at 5 p.m. in Santa Clarita.

Six other postal locations will have extended hours:

  • Airport Station, 9029 Airport Blvd., and the the Pasadena Post Office, 600 Lincoln Ave., will be open for retail and collection service until 8 p.m.;
  • Long Beach, 2300 Redondo Ave., will have retail service until 7 p.m. and mail collection until 10 p.m.;
  • Industry center, 15421 E. Gale Ave., will have retail service until 6 p.m. and mail collection until 10 p.m.;
  • Van Nuys, 15701 Sherman Way, will be open for retail service and mail collection until 9 p.m.; and
  • B&B Pharmacy contract station in Yorba Linda, 18525 Yorba Linda Blvd., will have retail service and mail collection until 10 p.m.

All other post offices will have normal hours and mail will be collected at the usual times. Information about post office hours is available online at

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