Earthquake Strikes Southern California

Map: USGSA 4.7 earthquake felt widely around Southern California this morning was another good reminder to all residents that they live in earthquake country and should be prepared for a major one in the future.

The quake struck at 9:55 a.m., 12 miles southeast of Anza (also about 16 miles from the Coachella Valley city of La Quinta) in the Santa Rosa Mountains. It was centered near the San Jacinto Fault, one of the most active in the region, and followed by a number of smaller aftershocks. USGS computers, which monitor earthquake activity in realtime, originally put the temblor at a magnitude of 5.2; it was later downgraded after a seismologist reviewed data.

Injuries or major damage was not initially reported out of the area. In Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Fire Department went into "earthquake mode," but found no evidence of any damage from the shaker.

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Zach Behrens is KCET's Director of News, Region and State, working on digital and on-air news products that relate to Southern California and beyond.
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