2010 Visionary Award Winner

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The man who bought Magic Johnson's share of the Lakers is also KCET's 2010 Visionary Award Winner. Take a peek at this mini-documentary about Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong — and his mission.

KCET's 10th Visionary Award recipients are Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D. and Michele B. Chan. Raised in South Africa under apartheid, Dr. Soon-Shiong and Ms. Chan experienced the challenges of discrimination early in life. They dedicated themselves to closing disparity gaps that exist in the world through a shared belief that innovation creates a catalyst for change.

Patrick Soon Shiong and Michele B. Chan

A renowned physician, surgeon, inventor, scientist,entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr. Soon-Shiong has been at the forefront of medicine and health. He pioneered the revolutionary anticancer drug Abraxane® for treatment of metastatic breast cancer and founded the global pharmaceutical company Abraxis BioScience, Inc.

Ms. Chan, a former film and television actress, not only supported her husband early in his career, she continues to actively support the healthcare community. Her interests include the areas of women's health, complementary and integrative medicine and neuroscience - all of which play a role in her efforts on behalf of Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica.

As founders of the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation, the couple has generously supported St. John's Health Center and the project under way to reopen Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Hospital in Los Angeles. With their support, Saint John's opened the Chan Soon-Shiong Center for life sciences, a next-generation facility for practicing 21st century medicine. Their commitment to MLK Hospital enabled the University of California Board of Regents to enter into a partnership with Los Angeles County creating a private,nonprofit corporation that will reopen the hospital.

For their passion to improve the lives of others, KCET honors PatrickSoon-Shiong, M.D. and Michele B. Chan, winners of the 2010 KCET Visionary Award.

Patrick Soon-Shiong: Man on a Mission

Patrick Soon-Shiong: Man on a Mission tells the inspiring story of Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., a visionary who has conceived and created new lifesaving drugs and medical treatments in addition to transforming the model of health delivery systems. He is internationally acclaimed for transformational developments in medicine and innovative approaches to healthcare that benefit individuals from all walks of life, locally and around the world.

From accompanying him on hospital rounds to interviews with patients impacted by his medical discoveries, the documentary offers a glimpse inside the world of the internationally renowned physician, surgeon, inventor, scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Patrick Soon-Shiong: Man on a Mission also revisits his early years. Raised in South Africa under apartheid, Dr. Soon-Shiong experienced the challenges of discrimination early in life and dedicated himself to closing disparity gaps that exist in the world through his belief that defying conventional wisdom leads to the kind of innovation that makes a real difference in people's lives. His vision and mission is straightforward: to think globally and act locally by finding the common thread that connects throughout and expand the work he does in the United States to all parts of the world. Ultimately he believes that successful healthcare initiatives are one path toward achieving greater international diplomacy.

In June 2010, Dr. Soon-Shiong, M.D. received the 10th KCET Visionary Award, which honors individuals who have made unique and visionary contributions to improving the lives of others through their support of arts and culture, healthcare, education and the well being of children.