About the Show
Hosted by Alex Boylan (At the Chef's Table), and Megan Blake, " Animal Attractions TV" is the new pet series, destined to attract a large and faithful audience. From the secrets of choosing the right pet for your lifestyle to making the most of the visit to the vet, " Animal Attractions TV" has informative regular features incorporated in each episode. 80 million Americans live with some kind of pet and every day people make the decision to add a pet to their lives. "Animal Attractions TV" has something for everyone... pet owners, prospective owners and those who just love domestic animals. Throughout the series entertaining and informative segments present true-to-life stories of heroic dogs, therapy cats, natural born performers and more than a few surprises. Regular segment on pet health questions and answers, how to have a better relationship with your pet, and each week dog trainer Ronald White performs his magic with misbehaving dogs. One of the most user-friendly segments focuses on the most popular breeds with information about the traits of each and a vet report on what to be aware of when choosing your next pet.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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