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"Anyone and Everyone" tells the stories of families from Utah to North Carolina and Wyoming to New York, all connected by a common thread -- a gay child. This poignant and often heartbreaking documentary by first-time filmmaker Susan Polis Schutz (also the parent of a gay son) depicts families representing a wide range of religions, nationalities and political leanings. During the film, parents of homosexual teens and young adults eloquently recall their initial reactions to their child's coming-out and their sometimes difficult journeys to acceptance. Some showed unconditional support; others struggled with their child's sexual orientation, either fearing alienation from their extended family, their church or community or failing to understand the universal nature of homosexuality.
Saturday October 17 at 11:00AM on KCET-HD
Tuesday October 20 at 6:30PM on KCETLINK
Tuesday October 20 at 11:30PM on KCETLINK

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