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Artbound -- Season Four, Episode One

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In premiere of the fourth season Artbound heads to San Bernardino to explore the tubular sandbagging construction techniques of the California Institute of Earth Architecture, whose handmade structures are redefining sustainable housing. In Boyle Heights, the group Public Matters' Market Makeover project is addressing the "grocery gap" in "food deserts," areas that have limited access to quality, healthy food. In Riverside, Hiromi Takizawa's Ultraviolet installation observes the role of light in architectural and environmental spaces. In Lincoln Heights, three Mexican American DJs form Metralleta de Oro, a group specializing in Sonidero, an extremely rhythmic sub-genre of the Mexican, Central and South American cumbia. In East Los Angeles, visual artist Jaime "Germs" Zacarias takes inspiration from religious iconography, lucha libre, and the city of Los Angeles to create his signature tentacle-filled works. Featuring an in-studio performance by goth-indie rocker Chelsea Wolfe.