Daniel Boulud

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Meet one of the best chefs in the world, the articulate and always charming Daniel Boulud. From his seven Michelin-starred Manhattan restaurants, his slew of other refined kitchens across the world, six published cookbooks, a catering company, the bi-monthly column he writes for Elle Decor, and his lines of caviar and wine, award-winning Chef Daniel Boulud could be accused of wearing more than just a chef's hat! Chef Boulud has been wowing critics from Zagat, The New York Times, Michelin, and the International Herald Tribune since the 1980's with his graceful style of simple, fresh and seasonal cuisine. Watch Boulud work his magic in the kitchen and dining room of his famed restaurant, Daniel, and discover his masterful and inspirational balance between the art of French cooking and a flair for running a major business empire with The Artist Toolbox.