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Anne Sophie

Solidarity Party Leader

The human rights activist's political aspirations are thwarted when a six-year-old recording (which was made without her knowledge) is leaked of her suggesting, while under the influence of alcohol at a party, kidnapping Hesselboe's kids. Her career never fully recovers from that.

Portrayed by: Signe Egholm Olsen


Prime Minister, Moderate Party Leader. Anne Sophie supports Birgitte's new government as her friend and as a fellow humanitarian, but Birgitte can't return the favor. She has to make tough calls as PM, one of which includes letting Anne Sophie suffer the consequences of a mistake she made one drunken night. This later gives Anne Sophie an upper hand while negotiating a national health care reform bill.


Deceased former Foreign Minister, Justice Minister, Labor Party Leader. Troels is her greatest enemy in parliament. He approved the CIA's bugging of her party headquarters and later leaked the ancient recording of her threatening to kidnap Hesselboe's kids. We never find out how she reacts to his suicide.

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