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Former Finance Minister (Moderate Party)

Bent discovered Birgitte and stepped down as the head of the party to give her the chance to steer the group in a new direction. He's acted as her mentor and close friend ever since, roles that become threatened once she's elected prime minister. The stresses of the job and his forced resignation cause him to suffer a cerebral embolism.

Portrayed by: Lars Knutzon
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Prime Minister, Moderate Party Leader. Bent backs almost every single one of his mentee's political moves, offering guidance along the way. This proves to be more difficult during the end of Birgitte's year in office when micromanagement and backstabbing become the name of her game. Unaware of his health scare following the resignation she forces him to make, Birgitte tries to ship him away to Brussels for an even more stressful job. This contributes to his cerebral embolism. The two grow closer than ever though when he makes a full recovery.


Express Editor-in-Chief, former Labor Party Leader. Bent doesn't care too much about Laugesen's accusations against him in his memoir because they're true. However, he grows impatient when Laugesen continues to push the old news down readers' throats. This gives the Labor Party motive to pressure Birgitte into telling him to resign.


Former Foreign Minister, Labor Party Leader. Bjørn and Pernille pressure Birgitte to fire Bent. The minister is upset by this, but expects it as a veteran politician.


Finance Minister, Equality Minister, Labor Party Deputy Leader. Pernille is more forceful than the timid Bjørn in pressuring Birgitte to fire Bent. She takes over his seat as Finance Minister.


New Right Leader. Bjørn has an affair with Yvonne early in his political career, but his marriage stays in tact. We never see the two of them interacting on the show.


EU Commissioner, former Moderate Party Deputy Leader, EU Minister. He, like Kasper, realizes early on that Jacob is power-hungry and ruthless. The young politician is partly to blame (Birgitte wouldn't have assigned Bent the post in Brussels, causing him stress, if Jacob had told her about his illness) for Bent's cerebral embolism.