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EU Commissioner, former Moderate Party Deputy Leader, EU Minister

Jacob is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He fools Birgitte into thinking that he has the Moderate Party's best interest at heart, when he's actually just looking out for himself. He's willing to put Bent's life and Birgitte's career in jeopardy for his own political advancement.

Portrayed by: Jens Jacob Tychsen


Prime Minister, Moderate Party Leader. Jacob sweet talks his way to Birgitte's heart. But his political career is threatened when Birgitte discovers his master plan to take over her post. In order to get him out of her hair, the PM forces Jacob to resign as Moderate Party Deputy Leader and EU Minister to take a post in Brussels.


Former Finance Minister (Moderate Party). Bent's wife informs Jacob about her husband's existing medical condition. Instead of alerting Birgitte about it, he uses that information to bring him down. He recommends Bent for the Brussels post, fully aware that the pressures of the job could worsen his already deteriorating health. Bent suffers from a cerebral embolism soon afterward.


Kasper warns Birgitte about Jacob from the get-go. He smells a rat and suspects that he recommended Bent for the Brussels job in order to become the Moderate Party's second in command.

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