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Birgitte's press adviser/speech writer, Katrine's boyfriend

When the multi-layered onion that is Kasper Juul finally gets peeled back, we find a core that's far less rotten than its outer layer. His childhood trauma informs his dishonesty -- a trait that makes him an excellent spin doctor, but a lousy boyfriend. Once he opens up about his past, he begins to build a future with Katrine.

Portrayed by: Pilou Asbæ
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Prime Minister, Moderate Party Leader. Kasper's relationship with Birgitte, which has evolved over the years into one of mutual respect, trumps everything else in his life. He makes the mistake of betraying her before she becomes PM and makes up for it when he's hired back.


TV1 anchor, Kasper's girlfriend, former Express reporter. Katrine is the one that got away. The two used to date before the TV1 reporter dumped him for his dishonesty. They now have a tempestuous relationship, but he continues to woo her with coffee and complimentary interviews with Birgitte's cabinet. He eventually wins her back by sharing his secret about being molested as a child by his father.


Liberal Party Leader, former Prime Minister. Kasper discovers receipts of Hesselboe's reckless spending -- the then-PM was forced to fund his wife's shopping spree with his office credit card -- and shares the evidence with Laugesen to bring down Hesselboe. The move ends up backfiring for all parties. Hesselboe later reads about it in Laugesen's tell-all.


Express Editor-in-Chief, former Labor Party Leader. The spin doctor conspires with the biggest prick in parliament to dethrone Hesselboe. Laugesen turns on Kasper and releases the receipts of Hesselboe's illegal use of state funding at the worst possible time and place and later tattles on him in his memoir. Kasper threatens Hesselboe much later when he sends a paparazzo to photograph Birgitte's daughter at her hospital.

Niels Erik

Prime Minister's Permanent Secretary. Kasper's bad boy behavior doesn't bode well with Niels. The permanent secretary catches him making out with Sanne, the PM's personal assistant, on several occasions. He fires Sanne as a result.


Birgitte's personal assistant. Kasper is hot and cold with Sanne; romancing her one minute and ridiculing her the next. He's less cruel after Birgitte re-hires her.


TV1 chief editor. Kasper dangles exclusive interviews (ratings gold) in front of Torben's face and he takes the bait every time.


TV1 temp reporter, former Express editor. The media adviser usually plays favorites with Hanne during press conferences because he respects her as a journalist. Hanne is instrumental in helping him and Katrine mend their relationship.


TV1 reporter. Ulrik resents Kasper for doling out interviews to Katrine. The two almost get into a physical altercation when Kasper threatens the reporter after he refuses to hand over his advance copy of Laugesen's memoir.


Kasper's ex-girlfriend, communication adviser. Kasper seems to genuinely care for Lotte, whom he moves in with, but his love for Katrine prevents him from fully committing to his new girlfriend. He cheats on her, gets caught, and begins dating Katrine again.

Svend Åge

Freedom Party Leader. Kasper hates Svend more than any other politician in parliament. He verbally harasses Svend after he proposes a bill to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 14 to 12. This hits home as Kasper was 12 when he was sent to juvie instead of prison for stabbing his dad, who had been molesting him for years.