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TV1 anchor, Kasper's girlfriend, former Express reporter

Katrine is Birgitte's younger counterpart; her professional goals interfere with her personal ones. As she climbs up the ladder at TV1, she discovers, much to her disappointment, that the lines of ethics are blurred in the ratings game of broadcast journalism. She therefore quits and tries her hand at working as an Express reporter, briefly as Hesselboe's spin doctor, and even more briefly as a sappy talk show host before returning to anchor TV1.

Portrayed by: Birgitte Hjort Sørensen
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Birgitte's press adviser/speech writer, Katrine's boyfriend. The reporter used to date the spin doctor when they were both starting out their careers as journalists. She dumped Kasper when she realized she couldn't fully trust him -- something she still struggled with until recently. She finally takes him back and the couple start to plan a future together when Kasper opens up about his dark past.


Prime Minister, Moderate Party Leader. Katrine's best TV1 interviews are always with Birgitte, with whom she shares an unspoken bond. It's obvious that she admires her success as Denmark's first female PM. In fact, her political support for Birgitte contributed to her inability to work for either Hesselboe or Laugesen. She also respects the fact that Birgitte fights to preserve freedom of the press anytime it's challenged.


Express Editor-in-Chief, former Labor Party Leader. Like most women, Katrine loathes chauvinistic Laugesen. She let her gender bias slip when interviewing the Express EIC and the Business Minister Henriette Klitgaard about Laugesen's sexist smear campaign against Henriette during her crusade to pass a gender equality bill. Despite her animosity toward the one-time politician, she works for him, doing his dirty bidding until he tries to topple Troels.

Hans Christian

Temporary acting PM, Defense Minister, Labor Party Leader. Katrine's investigative reporting, which was partly fueled by Hans Christian's patronization, leads her to find dirt on the minister. She discovered that the politician accepted bribes when selecting the military's new fighter plane.


Deceased former Foreign Minister, Justice Minister, Labor Party Leader. Katrine ambushes him during a TV1 interview by cutting to an expert who says the CIA most likely installed the hidden cameras discovered at Solidarity Party headquarters. Troels had feigned ignorance about CIA involvement. Once he commits suicide, she fights for justice by revealing the role that Hesselboe played in his death.


TV1 chief editor. Katrine and her boss butt heads on a regular basis. While she acts ethically and pursues stories of news value, Torben does whatever it takes to appease the network heads -- even if it means abandoning their duties as government watchdogs. Their relationship actually improves when Torben hires her back after she quits.


TV1 temp reporter, former Express editor. Katrine admires Hanne's talent and investigative reporting skills. She continues to respect the veteran journalist even when Hanne publicly accuses her of getting her fired and sleeping her way to the top (neither was true). Their bond grows stronger when they work together at Express then return to their original TV1 gigs. Katrine also helps her mentor when she falls off the wagon.


TV1 editor. Pia is one of the few people in the newsroom who actually stands up for Katrine and supports the angles she decides to pursue with her stories. She grows less understanding though when Katrine's ego interferes with her judgment.


TV1 makeup artist. The makeup artist is also Katrine's friend. Tanja playfully teases Katrine when she briefly dates her spin instructor, who's all body, no brains.


TV1 reporter. Katrine and Ulrik are always competing for the same stories. Katrine usually lands all the interviews with Birgitte and her ministers because of her relationship with Kasper. Ulrik would never admit it, but she's also a more talented reporter. Their relationship is further challenged when Katrine returns to TV1 after working at Express.