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Express Editor-in-Chief, former Labor Party Leader

A narcissist through and through, his dirty moves make a mess of his political career. They later influence his tabloid's smear campaigns against Birgitte and her cabinet. His reckless actions indirectly lead Troels to commit suicide and Laura to have an anxiety attack. Laugesen is the only character on the show without a single redeeming quality.

Portrayed by: Peter Mygind
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Prime Minister, Moderate Party Leader. It's unclear whether Laugesen knows that Birgitte contributed to his takedown as Labor Party Leader. He despises her regardless and uses his new tabloid to defame her and her cabinet. He stoops as low as sending photographers to take pictures of Laura at her hospital, which frightens her and triggers an anxiety attack.


Birgitte's press adviser/speech writer, Katrine's boyfriend. Calculated and conniving, Laugesen uses and throws away people like Kasper who stand between him and power. Kasper naively teamed up with him to ruin Hesselboe. Laugesen later writes about their secret partnership in his memoir, almost tarnishing Kasper's reputation as a result.


Liberal Party Leader, former Prime Minister. Laugesen and Hesselboe were each other's direct competition for the prime ministry before the wild horse that was Birgitte entered the race. Hesselboe confronted the outgoing PM about his misuse of state funds during a live televised political debate. This ends up ruining both of their chances of getting elected.


Former Foreign Minister, Labor Party Leader. The Labor Party Deputy Leader assumes Laugesen's post once he's forced to resign. Laugesen doesn't hold that against him though because Bjørn is the only party member who remains loyal to him after his political downfall. He, uncharacteristically, refuses to print a single negative article about him.


Deceased former Foreign Minister, Justice Minister, Labor Party Leader. Laugesen first targets Troels in his tell-all, calling him gay. He then tries to ruin his personal and professional life by forcing him to come out of the closet in the cruelest way possible. Laugesen hires a male escort, who poses as a photographer, to seduce Troels while his actual photographer secretly snaps photos of the sexual act. He later presents him with the pictures. Troels, who's married to a woman and has kids, commits suicide. Birgitte negotiates a deal with the devil to prevent the pictures from going to print.


Former Finance Minister (Moderate Party). He questions Bent's abilities as a minister in an Express editorial and publishes stories about his affair with Yvonne, which he also discussed in his memoir.