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Birgitte's ex-husband, former professor at Copenhagen Business School

Birgitte's seemingly perfect spouse put his business career on hold so she could reach her political aspirations. They made an agreement to take five-year turns focusing on each of their professional lives. As his wife's career soars, he grows restless with his stagnant job ... and stagnant sex life. He has an affair then files for divorce. But when his daughter develops an anxiety disorder, he wonders whether he gave up on his family too fast.

Portrayed by: Mikael Birkkjær


Prime Minister, Moderate Party Leader. Phillip evolves from doting husband to disgusting pig in a matter of a year. Forced to give up his shares in an energy company and quit his dream job at a tech company that both stand to profit from his wife's policies, he grows resentful of her demands and lack of attentiveness and cheats on her. He then steps on her already broken heart by jumping into another relationship.


Birgitte and Phillip's daughter. Both of his children have a stronger relationship with him -- the primary caregiver in the Christensen household -- than Birgitte. Despite his bond with his daughter, he's unable to reverse her deteriorating mental health.


Birgitte and Phillip's son. Laura and Magnus have a stronger bond with their dad, but Magnus still clings to Birgitte more often than Phil when he's upset. This changes after the divorce as he seeks the companionship of his dad in his mom's increased absence.


Phillip's ex-girlfriend, pediatrician. Phillip seems head over heels in love with Cecilie (after all, he introduces her to his kids' lives) so it's surprising when he dumps her abruptly. Birgitte's leave from work reminds him how committed she is to their family, igniting old feelings.


Laura's psychiatrist at Liseholm. He's thankful that the psychiatrist is able to wean his little girl off her medication.

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