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Deceased former Foreign Minister, Justice Minister, Labor Party Leader

The pretentious politician pulls a Brutus to gain more power in parliament, backstabbing Laugesen, Birgitte, and Bjørn. But behind his cocky exterior is an insecure man who's hiding his true identity, his sexual orientation, from the world. When Laugesen prepares to publish photos of him caught in an uncompromising position with a man, Troels kills himself by overdosing on pills to save himself the ridicule.

Portrayed by: Lars Brygmann
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Prime Minister, Moderate Party Leader. He teams up with Birgitte to backstab Laugesen, then backstabs her. He disobeys several of her direct orders, including her demand for him to resign. The weasel ends up advancing in her cabinet, but is completely dead to Birgitte. He starts to campaign for the prime ministry before Laugesen confronts him with his photos. Birgitte, who's the only person he confides in, tells him to embrace his sexual orientation and continue in office as an openly gay man.


Express Editor-in-Chief, former Labor Party Leader. Irate that Laugesen broke his promise to appoint him as Justice Minister, the Labor Party Deputy Leader goes for blood and topples him from power. Laugesen gets back at him and then some by hiring a man to seduce him and another man to hide outside and take photos of their sexual acts.

Anne Sophie

Solidarity Party Leader. He ruins the young politician's blossoming career in order to save his own cabinet seat. He also violates Anne Sophie's privacy rights by approving the bugging of her party headquarters to keep tabs on her.


Former Foreign Minister, Labor Party Leader. Troels resents Bjørn when he's voted party leader over him. This hatred grows deeper with time; Troels convinces his party to force him to resign and give him his prestigious posts.


Finance Minister, Equality Minister, Labor Party Deputy Leader. He worked with Pernille to tarnish Bjørn's reputation in both the Labor Party and the public's eyes. The slimy pair was a match made in political heaven.