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7 Things You Didn't Know About 'Borgen'

Danish political drama "Borgen" has been getting a lot of attention recently. Stephen King called it his favorite drama of 2012, Newsweek, Jezebel and Salon deemed it a "must-watch" and apparently Hillary Clinton is also a fan.

Here are seven things you didn't know about the show. We'll be updating this page throughout the series so check back and leave a comment if you know of anything we're missing out on.

We're streaming full episodes online. If you want more general info about "Borgen," check out our season one FAQ.

  • Hillary Clinton is a fan. Producers got a letter from Clinton saying how much she loves the show. [The Sun]
  • Demark's first female prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, was elected to power when "Borgen" finished filming their second series in 2011. She's similar to the character Nyborg in age and also has two children. Also like Nyborg, Thorning-Schmidt leads a coalition government.
  • The writer of the series, Adam Price, is also a famous television chef. [The Guardian]
  • NBC was at one point planning to do an American remake of "Borgen" with the creators of "Friday Night Lights," though it is unclear if the project is still in development. [Deadline]
  • According to a study by The University of Copenhagen, viewers of "Borgen" were significantly more interested in politics after they saw the show. [Radio Times]
  • Stephen King named "Borgen" his favorite show of 2012. He wrote: "On American TV, when family and ambition come into conflict, family all too often (and unrealistically) triumphs. You won't find any such sugarcoating here...although you may if the series comes to NBC. For now, though, just know this: Borgen is top-flight drama in any language." [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Johan Philip Asbæk, the actor who plays spin doctor Kasper Juul, has gotten requests from political parties to talk to their main spin doctors in a public forum. "I was like: 'Guys! This is fiction. I'm an actor. Somebody writes my lines,'" Asbæk reflected. [The Independent]

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