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'Borgen' Star Birgitte Hjort Sørensen Dishes on Season Two

Season two of "Borgen" marked a turning point for Birgitte Hjort Sørensen's character, Katrine Fønsmark. We found Katrine vulnerable and utterly devastated at the onset of the series following the death of her boyfriend -- a stark contrast to the bold journalist embedded with Denmark's troops in Afghanistan at the beginning of season two. Katrine also went through more personal and professional twists and turns than any other character this season, working for the Express, briefly as Hesselboe's spin doctor, and even more briefly as the host of a sappy talk show before returning to report for TV1. She also finally got back together with Kasper (Pilou Asbæk).

Sørensen walked us through her character's journey and dished via email on her favorite story arcs of the season. Despite her slew of favorite season two moments, the actress said the final season is her favorite out of the bunch.

KCET: What was your favorite episode from season two and why?

Birgitte Hjort Sørensen: Episode four: It was a lot of fun doing detective work with Hanne Holm (played by Benedikte Hansen) and it felt incredibly good to finally tell Laugesen (Peter Mygind) where to shove it!

KCET: Is there a particular scene from the season that resonated with you more than the others?

Sørensen: The scenes in the end of episode six where Katrine finally realizes the horrible truth about Kasper's childhood and sees for the first time what an unbearable burden he's been bearing. That was a nice end to tie.

KCET: Were there any storylines that caught you off guard this season, whether with your character or any of the others?

Sørensen: I remember when the writers were telling us about season two and that Katrine would get a job as Hesselboe's (Søren Spanning) spin doctor. I thought it was the coolest thing and imagined a lot of scenes where Katrine and Kasper would go head to head and channel out all their personal stuff in job related conflicts. Great was my disappointment when Adam Price and Jeppe Gjervig Gram said that Katrine couldn't take the job with Hesselboe because of her political beliefs. Adding insult to injury, she would go after a job hosting a sentimental finding-lost-relatives show! That was a sad day. Luckily, she didn't end up doing the TV show, but rather found her way home to Torben Friis (Søren Malling), which was nice. But I still think she could have done the job for Hesselboe and well, too!

KCET: How do you think your character has evolved over the course of this season, both in her personal life and her professional life?

Sørensen: The overall journey for Katrine is in a way to grow up, learning to compromise, [learning] that the world isn't black and white. And to find a way to balance her personal and professional life, to make room for the personal life. This is an ongoing journey for her, also in season three. She's taken a lot of detours in season two, trying out a lot of jobs, a lot of ways to deal with her feelings for Kasper. It was necessary for her to find out where she feels comfortable, both on the job and at home.

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