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'Borgen': The Drinking Game

If you think "Borgen" couldn't get any better, try watching it with booze. So sit back, pop open a cold Carlsberg as the DANZKA chills in the freezer and get your drink game on. Be careful you don't get too drukkenbolt though or you might find yourself in bed with your personal driver come tomorrow.

Here are the rules:

Take a gulp of Carlsberg beer (or Heineken) any time...

  • Someone resigns or is fired from their job.
    Two drinks if: That person is in Birgitte's cabinet.

  • A politician backstabs someone in parliament (a la Troels Höxenhaven to Michael Laugesen).

  • Kasper and Katrine make out.
    Two drinks if: It follows a violent outburst.
    Small sip if: They merely talk about kissing.
  • Naturally, if Hanne is drunk.
  • The Express publishes a libelous article/sensational story (think Birgitte having an affair with her spin doctor).
  • TV1 runs a fluff piece/"safe" story (think rising sales of buttermilk soup).
  • Katrine goes on a tirade about journalistic integrity.
  • Magnus misplaces something.
    Two drinks if: Laura helps him find it.
  • Kasper forgets or ditches plans he made with his girlfriend Lotte.
  • Birgitte serves fruit instead of pastries during a meeting.

Finish your drink any time...

  • Someone in your viewing party comments on how hot Birgitte (Sidse Babett Knudsen) is.
  • Someone in your viewing party comments on how hot Kasper (Pilou Asbæk) is.

Take a shot of DANZKA Vodka (or Grey Goose) any time...

  • Kasper makes an intelligent decision about his personal life.
  • Birgitte prioritizes her family over her job.
  • Katrine entertains the idea of getting back together with Kasper.

Skål! And good luck keeping up with those subtitles!

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