Eight Shoes Myystery/Something in the Woods

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When Shoemaker Sam come across a bag containing eight shoes to be repaired and an urgent unsigned note to return them in time for ?the concert tonight?, Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to find the owners and solve the case of the Eight Shoe Mystery! Determining that they really have four pairs of tap shoes, the kids try to find four tap dancers, only to figure all the shoes belong to just one dancer ? Orville Octopus! When Huckle, Lowly and Sally go camping, they encounter a strange stumbling, moaning ?something? in the woods. Things get even more spooky when they go to report it to Ranger Wendy only to discover she? s mysteriously disappeared right in the middle of her wallpapering job. While Pig Will and Pig Won?t try to get the wallpaper glue off themselves, the others follow a trail of ?monster goo? to find the various clues Huckle uses to finally solve the mystery, determining that the ?something? in the woods is really Ranger Wendy, practically muffified in sticky wallpaper.