Big Apple Mystery/Missing Pickle Car Mystery

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A giant wooden apple on the fruit store sign falls off and no one knows where it went. Huckle, Lowly and Sally figure out that it rolled away down Hillside Street. The runaway apple's path of destruction leaves lots of clues that our heroes follow, all the way to Busytown Harbour. When Mr Frumble?s newly painted green Pickle Car mysteriously disappears, Huckle determines he will find it and solve the Mystery of the Pickle Car Puzzle. Huckle, his sidekick Lowly Worm, and his little sister Sally follow the clues, learn about camouflage and ultimately solve the mystery by realizing the Pickle Car was right where Mr. Frumble parked it all along ? right in front of the same colour green bushes where no one could see it. Hurray for Huckle!