Mystery of the Lost Parrot/Monster Mystery

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When a lost parrot shows up at the park, Huckle and Lowly decide to find its owner. A ding-a-ling sound that the parrot likes to mimic is a clue that it lives someplace with a bell that rings the same way. Comparing bells around Busytown ultimately leads the boys to an ice cream truck with a familiar ding-a-ling, and a thankful pet owner. When the gang find strange footprints, Sally fears they were made by a monster. Huckle assures her they weren?t and announces he?s going to prove it by solving the Monster Mystery. With the unintentional help of Pig Will and Pig Won?t, Huckle ultimately figures out the footprints were made by chimney soot which means they were made by the Busytown Chimney Sweeper.