Mystery of the Unpopular Pizzeria

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When Pig Will and Pig Won?t find corn straw on their bedroom floor, they become convinced it?s Farmer Pig?s scarecrow who?s out to get them for calling it silly looking. And although the others try to convince the pigs that scarecrows are not alive, it?s not until Huckle tracks it down to the straw having been brought in stuck to the thick rubber sole of Lowly?s new running shoe that Pig Will and Pig Won?t finally believe them. When the Raccoon family return home to find their entire house empty, Huckle, Lowly and Sally set out to solve the Disappearing Home Mystery! Baffled by how anyone could cart off a whole house full of stuff, they work through the clues to finally realize that the Raccoon family?s stuff was taken by a trio of zealous Busytown Moving Men who moved the wrong house!