The Mystery Present/Smudged Letter Mystery

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Huckle and his friends find a present with wrapping paper showing a baby theme. Needing more clues, but reluctant to open someone else's gift, Huckle gets it X-rayed to see what's inside. Seeing two baby rattles helps Huckle figure out the gift belongs to a new mother of twins. Caught in a water fight, Huckle and his pals accidentally smudge the address on a letter Postman Pig has to deliver, leaving him with no idea of who it?s supposed to go to. To make up for the trouble they? ve caused, the gang promise to solve the Smudged Letter Mystery by finding other ways to track down the intended recipient. From the style of handwriting, a perfume on the envelope and the sender?s preference for polka-dots, the kids ultimately determine the letter was sent by the Pig Brothers? Aunt and help her make the delivery personally.