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Apr 6

Celtic Thunder Mythology

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Tue Apr 15 at 3:00AM on KCETLINK
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Sat Apr 19 at 3:00AM on KCETLINK

Mythology tells the story of our ancestors in Ireland, their legends, their history, and their stories. It's the lifeblood of modern day Ireland and its influences from our Celtic past that are that are still reflected in its people today. Like the Celts, Mythology is bold, challenging, strong, proud and steeped in history. On the set of Mythology the old and the new combine, modern catalyst images are projected onto ancient standing stones, a giant Celtic cross takes center stage and the tempo of the music is strongly echoed in the theatrical and moody lighting.

All six Celtic Thunder principals feature prominently in Mythology, from haunting solo numbers to rousing ensembles and great original tracks that were written especially for Mythology, such as the show opening number "Voices" and the finale "My Land".

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