Dec 18

City Walk - Episode 5

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Episode 5 of "City Walk" explores the hidden shorelines of Manhattan and travels high into the Rocky Mountains with stops in Denver, Portland, and Washington D.C. as communities across America rediscover their sidewalks.

Most people think of New York as a city filled with taxis and skyscrapers, but not the Shorewalkers. They celebrate the parks, promenades, and trails along the water. More than a thousand people meet annually to circumnavigate the entire island of Manhattan, walking 32 miles in a single day during an event called The Great Saunter.

Once upon a time most children traveled to school by foot instead of by car. We take a nostalgic look at "the walk to school" and discover what can be gained when kids get back on their feet.

What do trees have to do with sidewalks? If you answered shade, you're only half correct. In fact, some communities think trees and sidewalks are so important together, they mandate them.

Did you know that Denver is the fifth fittest city in the United States? Meet the governor of Colorado and discover how many places you can get to on foot in the Mile-High City.

What exactly is Volkswalking? Follow a community of people on an uplifting journey that strengthens their legs as well as their hearts, uniting family and friends on some of the most spectacular trails.