Oct 16

City Walk - Episode 3

Episode three of "City Walk" ventures back in time and across the continent when the walking revolution spread from New York City to Portland to the trails of Orange County.

We look into the trend sparked over a century ago on the doublewide sidewalks of old New York, then traverse Manhattan's present day parks, including one that's not so green. We meet a new breed of therapists who use walking to heal the mind.

We hike the rugged canyons of Orange County, Calif. before walking the streets of Portland to peek in on the TV show "Portlandia" with former mayor and TV star Sam Adams.

What do cigarettes and walking have in common? Prepare to be surprised in a unique juxtaposition of 20th century advertising and 21st century medical facts. And finally, we spend a little quality time with the Iverson Mall Walkers, a unique group who will line dance their way into your heart.